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Terms and Conditions

Direct Move Terms and Conditions

‘We’ or ‘Us’– Direct Move Perth
‘Buyer’ – any person/s viewing, enquiring about, or purchasing a property advertised with Direct Move
‘Seller’ – any person/s who has given their authority to advertise their property with Direct Move
‘Website’ or ‘Portal’ – any property website used to advertise Direct Move properties including, but not limited to- realestate.com.au, reiwa.com.au, realestateview.com.au, allhomes.com.au, homehound.com.au and directmove.com.au


Marketing Fee
When purchasing the Do It Yourself, Do It Yourself Plus, Tenant Finder or Tenant Finder Plus package, a marketing fee is payable. We are not obliged to display a property on any website, supply a For Sale/Rent Sign or Floorplan, engage a professional photographer or provide any other included item until the prescribed fee is paid in full and upfront.

Our Coverage
Unless otherwise stated, all of our services and add-ons/upgrades are only available in the Perth Metropolitan area. This area includes suburbs as far south as Rockingham, North to Yanchep and East to Stoneville.

Cancelling This Agreement
If you have purchased the Do It Yourself, Do It Yourself Plus, Tenant Finder or Tenant Finder Plus package you are not bound to stay with us. You can, at any time and in writing (including email), let us know that you would like us to remove your property from all websites.

Disputes & Refunds
Refunds for a change of mind are not issued. When purchasing a Do It Yourself, Do It Yourself Plus, Tenant Finder or Tenant Finder Plus package we incur costs immediately and these costs are not recoverable.
If you have a dispute please contact us on 08 6461 6400 or email contact@directmove.com.au. We reserve the right to issue a refund less all expenses already incurred by us plus an administration fee of $50.

Whilst you are engaging us to advertise your property, we may add or remove your property details from any property website both nationally and/or internationally.

Term of Listing
Unless otherwise stated/agreed, your property, once listed with Direct Move, will appear on all websites until sold/removed.

Third Party Property Websites

Unless otherwise stated, third party property portals do not allow private sellers to list their personal contact details on their websites.

The 30 day Feature Property listing is available on all listings that are not vacant land. The Feature Property Listing will last for 30 days from the date it first appears on realestate.com.au. After 30 days the listing will revert to a Standard Listing until sold/removed.
30 Day Feature Listings are not automatically available/included on Vacant Land and can be quoted for separately. A block of land will appear as a Standard Property Listing until sold/removed.

Unless otherwise stated, all listings will appear as Standard Listings until sold/removed.

Acting as Private Seller/Landlord
Where you purchase a Do It Yourself, Do It Yourself Plus, Tenant Finder or Tenant Finder Plus package, you are acting in the capacity as a Private Seller/Landlord. We are providing you with marketing tools only and are in no way acting as or representing your property as a Real Estate Agent. We cannot be held responsible for any communication that you have or have had with a buyer.

Advertising script
We reserve the right to edit/modify any advertising scripts before being publicly displayed on any websites.

Listing details
Where a listing appears to be misleading or misrepresentative then we may remove the listing without notice and the Seller/Landlord may have the opportunity to modify these details so that the property can be relisted (at our discretion).

Property Location
The property must be advertised or listed under the correct Suburb (as stated on the Certificate of Title). The property cannot be listed under a nearby suburb/city even though the nearby suburb/city may be more popular or well known.

Advertised Selling Price
We may remove a listing, without notice, from any website where we believe that the advertised price is not a genuine price that the Seller will accept. This could include a practice known as ‘Bait Advertising’ or using a ‘Price Range’ or ‘From’ – where the lowest price advertised is below the minimum price the Seller would realistically accept.

Home Opens
We rely on 3rd party websites to display your property details and home open times. In order to ensure your home open times are displayed on all websites in time, the date & time of your home open must be entered into Agentpoint or emailed to us (info@directmove.com.au) by no later than Thursday 5pm.
Times received or entered after 5pm Thursdays are not guaranteed to be listed on any website in time.

‘For Sale/For Rent’ Signs
We rely on 3rd party operators to supply our For Sale/Rent signs. One installation and one removal of the sign is included in the cost charged/quoted.
If no installation instructions have been provided to us at the time of order, the sign will be installed at the installer’s discretion. If you would like the sign moved after it has been installed then there will be an associated cost.
Contact Details
If ordering a custom sign, the seller/landlord authorises us to display the contact details provided to us in the relevant section of the ‘Property Terms & Conditions’ on the sign. If incorrect details are supplied to us at the time, then any additional stickers or changes required will incur a cost.
We will pass on any cost where we are charged for a damaged/stolen/vandalised sign.

Tenant Finder & Tenant Finder Plus
We do not offer a Property Management service. Where you have purchased the Tenant Finder or Tenant Finder Plus service you are acting in the capacity as Private Landlord.

Sell With Full Agent Support
Also known as Seller Assist, Seller Assisted Service or Agent Supported Sale. Unless otherwise agreed, we do not conduct any property inspections with this service. All inspections are the responsibility of the seller. This service is only available in the Perth metropolitan area.

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