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First 30 days free


  • Add your property to the List4Free marketplace
  • Connect with local suppliers to prepare your property for sale
  • Purchase For sale sign and open for inspection signs
  • Purchase professional photography plus much more
  • Engage with local agents and decide which services you require
  • Search through potential matched buyers before going to market
  • Sell privately or choose individual services from your local agent
  • * Available across Australia

Agent Assisted Sale

Save Thousands

$4,000+ $850 upfront

  • All marketing and advertising included
  • Includes professional photography
  • Includes For sale sign board
  • Listing on realestate.com.au, reiwa.com, list4free.com.au plus others
  • Your agent will handle all enquiries
  • Your agent will negotiate and write up offers
  • Your agent will liaise with all parties until settlement
  • *Available Perth Metro area only