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Questions and answers contained with this FAQ sheet are compiled for general information. For clarification on any of the information below, or should you have other queries of a general nature, contact your Direct Move agent.
Specific questions in relation to property law should be directed to your settlement agent.

Q. What will Direct Move do to help me sell my property?

We will provide you with access to all the tools that Real Estate Agents use -Professional Photography, For Sale signs, 3D Floorplans, Contracts, Landgate Property Interest Reports. Websites your property will appear on include,,,,,, &

Q. What does the 30 day Feature Property Listing on mean?

A Feature Property listing is automatically included on all our property* listings for 30 days. Feature listings sit above Standard listings and attracts more views. Compare us to our competition and see if they include a Feature Property listing as standard. (* does not apply to Vacant land & Rental Listings)REA Feature ad explain

Q. What happens once the 30 day Feature Property listing expires? Can I buy another Feature listing?

After 30 days the listing will revert to a Standard Property listing and you remain on until sold. If you would like to purchase another product including a Premier, Headline or Feature Property listing, ask your Direct Move Agent who will organise a quote for you.

Q. Will you provide support when it comes to negotiating the sales price?

If you choose to sell privately using one of our DIY toolkits we offer support & guidance over the phone. With our Sell With an Agent Services we take care of the entire negotiation process and will present all offers in writing to you.

Q. Do I have to do Home Opens?

No, you are in control of who views your property and when. Naturally, if you are serious about selling you will accommodate appointments whenever your schedule allows. If you are time poor throughout the week and would like to schedule a time on any given day, not just a weekend day, then having a time slot on a given day may prove to be beneficial for you.

Q. Can I update or change details of my home after they are published onto the property websites?

Yes. If you’re selling using one of our For Sale by Owner Packages you will have access to your listing and will be able to make as many updated and changes as you like.

Q. What happens if I no longer want to sell privately but I still want to sell, what are my options?

Should your circumstances change or you find that perhaps you are struggling to find the time to market your own property and draw the conclusion you would like a real estate agent then we would be happy to talk to you about other services we offer. We can deduct any fees already paid towards one of our Sell With an Agent services. You are not obligated to remain with Direct Move.

Q. Is a For Sale sign included?

A standard 800mmx600mm corflute is included and posted out to you. If you are in the Perth Metro area you can  upgrade to a professionally installed & removed board. This sign will display your contact information.For sale board icon_resize

Q. Why do I need a For Sale sign?

It is clearly your decision on whether you want a sign or not. Direct Move highly recommends a For Sale sign as it is still one of the most effective means of attracting local buyers. Think of this as your 24 hour sales assistant. If you don’t put the For Sale sign up you will almost certainly miss out on potential buyers.

Q. How do I prepare my house for sale?

There are a number of simple steps every home owner needs to take in order to make the best impression when potential buyers come to view their property. Your Direct Move Agent will be happy to give you some guidance on how you can make your home look its best.

Q: Do I have to accept an offer even if the offer has been presented to me in writing?

No. You have the right to negotiate, reject an offer or withdraw the property from sale if you wish. As a Private seller of your own home you are in total control of the negotiation process.

Q: If I receive an offer and want to accept the offer, at what point does it become a binding contract?

The offer, to be a binding contract, must be a written offer. When All signatures from all parties to the written contract have been administered, all conditions on the contract have been agreed upon, then each condition initialled by each party and the final sale price, if different to the first price offered must be initialled and dated by all parties. Once the contractual process is complete, the offer is considered accepted.

Q: What if I have a change of heart after I have accepted the offer?

During the offer process and before the seller and purchaser have signed off on all conditions to the contract and signed off on the sale price, the seller or buyer may withdraw at any time without penalty. However, you are committed to the sale process once the contract of sale is fully signed off.

Q: What do I do if another real estate agent says they have a buyer for my property?

Offer the real estate agent the opportunity to conjunct with you. If they do have a buyer, then they will appreciate the opportunity to introduce a qualified buyer.

Q: Do I have to sign a listing agreement with another real estate agent before they can show my property to an interested party they may have?

A real estate agent requires written consent from a seller before they can offer a property for sale. You can enter into a conjunctional arrangement with the agent giving the agent the authority they need to show a prospective purchaser your property. Be wary of Agents just wanting the exclusive rights to sell your property.

Q: Can a sales contract be altered after it has been accepted by both parties?

The original fully signed contract cannot be varied once all parties have signed off on the contractual conditions. However, provided both parties agree to a change to the original contract – e.g. the finance due date or settlement date needs to be amended, then a variation of the contract stating the necessary changes can be signed off by all parties and immediately given to the settlement agents.

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