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by DirectMove October 24, 2017
What is List4Free

What is List4Free

You may have heard about a new property site – List4Free.com.au. This website is a new marketplace that allows sellers, buyers, agents and property service suppliers to all connect in the one space. It may sound like this has been done before but let me tell you – it hasn’t. This portal aims to change our entire mindset when it comes to buying and selling property.
The traditional method where the agent takes control of the entire sale and charges the seller a full commission is a model that is evolving and List4Free is leading the innovation in this area.
Direct Move pioneered the hybrid selling model, where homeowners conduct their own inspections, about 4 years ago and now Purplebricks are making this new way of selling more widely accepted. The List4Free site takes this even further and breaks down an agent’s full service model into smaller components which the agent can then assign a fee to each of these.
For example, Mr Seller is selling his property, adds it to the List4Free portal. He wants to try selling himself but finds the task of opening his home for inspections daunting. He can connect with the local agents and find out how much they charge. Mr Agent informs Mr Seller that he charges $1000 for all property inspections. Lets take this one step further – if Mr Seller isn’t confident negotiating an offer, he can also engage Mr Agent who charges $500 to negotiate the offer and prepare the contract on his behalf.
In this scenario, Mr Seller is happy that he has saved on paying an agent a full commission and Mr Agent is happy as he has been paid for the work that he has carried out. In many instances, an agent can go through an entire 8 week campaign and if the property doesn’t sell they cannot recoup the cost of holding say 5 home opens and 8 private inspections.
The List4Free site offers even more functionality, with ‘Instant offer’, where an interested buyer can make an offer on a property without the headache of filling out an entire contract of sale. They can also view interactive floor-plans, 3D videos, download the contract of sale and property compliance documents.

List4Free is more than just a new property site, it’s pioneering change and taking real estate into the future.

Peter Verdiglione Direct Move

Peter Verdiglione
Director and co-founder
Direct Move & List4Free

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